CP Gondola weathering

I have a fair number of Canadian Pacific gondolas in my fleet, probably more than actually rode the rails in northern Manitoba.  Since I have been on a weathering kick of late for my boxcars and gondolas these cars have gone through the paint booth.  Road grime, rusty interiors and depending on the age of the car rust spots and gouges on the exterior.  These may get a bit more work down the road but so far I'm fairly happy with how they have turned out.  

In the booth with the competition

I weathered the floor to have an aged wood appearance.  It might be a bit too evenly coloured so this maybe revisited later

The car sided might need a bit more rust

The script scheme was quite old by the early 1980's so this car got rust spotting applied with a sponge followed by a fairly heavy dirt application

This 65' gondola was built in 1982 so it would be fairly new in my era.  Prototype photos I have show the remnants of red paint on the interior walls so I tried to show some original paint.  Of course I saw this after I had applied an ample coat of rust on the interior...


  1. Great Gons! I really like the black one with the lid. What weathering techniques are you using?

    1. I used a makeup sponge to apply Vallejo Game Effects dry rust paint. It has a nice texture that I like to represent scabby paint. I followed that with an airbrush to apply road grime. Very much flying by the seat of my pants.


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