Crosspost - Flin Flon Derailment on the Hudson Bay Railway - April 2000

I posted on my other blog about a derailment that happened while I was working in Flin Flon.  I was fortunate to be there during the clean up and got quite a few photos of the action.  Lots of modelling potential.  The post is here:

When the long awaited rebuilt M420 arrives from Rapido Trains I will be custom painting HBR 3548, the lone M420 painted into the Hudson Bay Railway scheme.  


  1. I had no idea about your other blog, Marc! I spotted two of the 60-foot boxcars in the derailed train, one with the Environmental Mode logo that I've blogged about. I'm sure the auxiliary train photos will be interesting when you get around to posting them! There's nothing I like less than someone suggesting I do a blog post on their pet topic. So I won't do that!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I've got plenty of photos of the 60' cars in the various CN logos they carried. One of my future projects is to do a couple of these cars. The auxiliary was a motely collection of old CN passenger and freight equipment that will grace my layout eventually as well.


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