BCOL outside braced combination door boxcar

I recently finished building a Kaslo Shops Distributing kit HK-33 - BCRAIL Trenton Works 5277 cu ft 50'6" Combination Door Boxcar.  It's a nice kit and goes together well.  It's a bit too modern for my era but I enjoy building these kits.

I did a fair bit of prep work in the form of sanding the side panels to minimize the print grain.  It goes quickly with about 5 to 10 minutes taken per side.  This was an early test print so required a bit more work than the production kits.  The etchings are great and fit perfectly.  

I primed the car with Tamiya fine white surface primer and painted it with a combination of Vallejo silver for the roof and Trucolor BC Rail dark green.  The decals were from Kaslo Shops and were straightforward to apply over the glossy Trucolor paint.  I sealed the decals with Tamiya TS-80 flat clear.  Final details were Kadee 158 scale couplers and Atlas 70T roller bearing trucks.  The couplers and wheels got a coat of my favourite Vallejo Game Effects Dry Rust.  

I've got a few more Kaslo kits on the workbench so more to come.  Now I need to figure out what to do with a 1992 era freight car on a 1983 era layout. 


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